School board KSU

The Katholieke Scholenstichting Utrecht (KSU) is a professional organization for primary education and provides excellent education in almost every neighborhood in Utrecht. Around 850 employees directly or indirectly educate 7,100 children. The KSU governs and manages 26 primary schools distributed across 31 locations in the municipality of Utrecht.

Our societal mission

The KSU-schools provide world-oriented education that enables children to understand the world around them. We teach them to act based on democratic principles, with a focus on a sustainable planet and care for one another. We do this with attention to equal opportunities and an awareness of digitization and globalization. Our strategic plan "Samen Leren Leven" further elaborates on our societal mission. You can read it here (only in Dutch).

Key points of the strategic plan "Samen Leren Leven":

√ We believe in every child and demonstrate this by having trust and giving trust.

√ We create awareness among children about the role they have in the world.

√ We contribute to a better world by teaching children to understand the world and find their place in it. Our Catholic history provides a solid foundation.

√ We move towards the outside, towards life as we all know it. Our children experience that learning only has meaning in the world as it presents itself to them and that the school is not isolated but part of something greater.

√ Together with parents, the neighborhood, and the city as a partner network, we achieve a better world by being an integral part of society.

√ We act based on democratic principles and Catholic values, taking responsibility to care for one another and for a sustainable planet.

Core values

The Catholic identity is the source from which we work at school every day. Our core values form the basis of our strategy. They are reflected in all our conversations and actions. The core values are:

  • courage
  • responsibility
  • curiosity
  • trust
  • attention

For more information about the foundation, visit (soon available in English)