Mission and vision

Our pupils

At Onder De Bogen, we work from our own philosophy: create space and attention for each child as a future world citizen.

  • Attention - because we see how children flourish when they are comfortable in their own skin and have self-confidence.
  • Space - because we think independence and collaboration are important. Pupils learn to connect the dots for themselves and to take responsibility for the whole.

Children who can apply their knowledge to the world around them, who treat each other with respect, who are curious about the opinions of others, who can express their own opinion (in Dutch and English) and who can see beyond borders—that describes our pupils!

Our motto: work hard, be kind. The result: a strong start in society and a broad worldview.

Challenging education

Our pupils excel because they have learned that they can learn anything. How? By practising. They are enterprising, intrepid and unafraid to take on challenges. They know they can learn from mistakes. Our pupils know how to use media safely and smartly. They can communicate, live, learn and work effectively in our rapidly changing world.

At Onder De Bogen we are ambitious. We offer bilingual education and project-based work to all pupils. Just as you have high expectations of the school, we have high expectations of our pupils. We aim to achieve excellent final results for the entire group. Every child must be given te opportunity to fulfil their potential, to eventually cross the finish line. “We expect a lot from you”—that is our attitude!

By putting into practice what they have just learned in theory, pupils develop their interest and motivation. We work thematically, allowing pupils to weave various branches of knowledge into a coherent whole. Through the teacher's instruction we set goals within a theme, which we tackle with targeted activities and effective learning strategies. That is how our pupils achieve their learning objectives, giving them the pleasure of success.

Our teaching on the basic subjects of reading, vocabulary and maths, is at the highest level. Reading, as well as being read stories aloud, serve an important role in our classrooms. In addition to Dutch books, our reading lists also contain international literature.