Parental involvement

To enable our students to excel, we need the parents. They are indispensable when it comes to their child's achievements, both in terms of academic performance and behavior. Therefore, we actively involve parents in our education, for example, through guest lectures. We inform, support, and motivate parents to fulfill their role as educational partners to the best of their abilities.


We work closely with parents to promote the development of the student. We operate on mutual trust in each other. As a parent, you support the school's policies and have confidence in the professionalism of the staff. You take the initiative to discuss any questions or concerns with the teacher. You demonstrate your involvement by being present or helping out as much as possible during activities. In the Kanjertraining program, children learn to treat each other with respect and take responsibility for their behavior. As a parent, you endorse this principle.


Most Wednesday and Friday mornings, parents can visit the Lab at Madridstraat starting from 8:30 a.m. for an "ODBakkie" (a cup of coffee or tea). This allows them to meet other parents, avoid traffic on the highway by leaving school later, or help with small tasks for the school. We also regularly organize workshops or presentations on these mornings. At the beginning of each school year, parents, students, and teachers have a joint "ODBuitenpicknick" where they enjoy food and drinks together and get to know each other better. Throughout the school year, parents are invited to the conclusion of an IPC unit, the Christmas celebration on the schoolyard, and they can join excursions or school trips. We end each school year with Summerfest, featuring student performances, fun activities, and once again, good food and drinks.


Parents and teachers are partners when it comes to the children's development. Therefore, good communication between them is crucial. We keep you informed about school developments through the school guide, our website, and messages on our communication platform, Social Schools.

Approximately four weeks after the start of the school year, teachers hold initial conversations with all parents. From Grade 5, students are also allowed to participate in these conversations.

We assess the students' development in the rapportfolio. We invite parents to discuss this progress in progress meetings. Students are also present during the end-of-year and advisory meetings in Grades 7 and 8.