For our new parents

Will your child soon be joining our school? The teacher will contact you before your child's fourth birthday. Below you will find some more information.

Tryout days

Most children will celebrate their fourth birthday at the nursery. They come to our school the day after their birthday. From the time children are three years and ten months old, they can visit us for tryout days four half-days. The teacher will discuss this with you in advance.

Because the lower groups have reached the maximum number of pupils at the end of the school year, the composition of the groups after the summer holidays is different and many extra activities are planned in that period of the school year, children who turn four less than 4 weeks before the summer holidays are welcome to start immediately after the summer holidays. Children who turn four up to four weeks after the first day of school are also welcome from the first day of school.


Children who are not yet five years old do not have to go to school every day. We recommend that children who have just started school gradually get used to more and more time spent at school. The teacher can advise on this. Children who turn four years old between the Christmas and summer holidays are free on Wednesday and Friday afternoons during that school year.


When your child starts school, we expect them to be toilet trained and that they do this independently. We also expect children to be able to put on their coats (make sure to practice with the zipper!) and to dress and undress themselves. Obviously we'll happily help with any difficult knots.

Group division

When dividing children into groups, we take into account various different factors, such as gender balance, Dutch-speaking and non-Dutch speaking children or specific educational needs. Therefore, we cannot consider individual requests to place children with certain other pupils or teachers.