Educational Concept

Onder De Bogen is a bilingual school in Leidsche Rijn Centrum. Both Dutch and English are the languages of instruction at our school. The teacher is central to our approach and works based on their own professional insights grounded in solid scientific research. Working in learning teams plays an important role in this. With IPC (International Primary Curriculum), we educate our students to become eager global citizens. We have high expectations of them.


Behavior and living together need to be learned, for which we use the Kanjertraining method among others. We believe it is important for students to acquire knowledge first and then work on their skills. Therefore, we provide explicit direct instruction, engage in purposeful practice, and teach them to apply these skills independently.

Building and Environment

We offer a beautiful workspace in a modern building on Grauwaartsingel, close to the vibrant shopping heart of Leidsche Rijn Centrum (Starbucks within walking distance!). We provide personal guidance, have a close-knit, well-trained, and highly motivated team, and foster a pleasant working atmosphere.


Twice a week, we engage in sports activities with the team in our gymnasium after school. If you live a bit further away and cycling is just too far, you can make use of our e-bike.


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