KBS Onder De Bogen

Think. Dare. Do.

We are the bilingual school in the centre of Leidsche Rijn. Here, children find the space to discover their place in the world. They learn to think, investigate, question, to be curious, develop skills and look for answers.

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"By starting with English at a young age, our students develop their language awareness. This enables them to communicate with peers abroad and enhances their independence and social skills. This leads to a broader perspective on the world and a strong foundation in society."

Ralph Borghart

Our pillars

Bilingual teaching

Onder De Bogen is the first bilingual primary school in Utrecht, with Dutch and English as the official languages of the school.

Focus on learning

At Onder De Bogen we base ourselves on scientific research, because we want to know what works and what doesn't. We call this evidence-informed. We also conduct our own research, which we do together with colleges and universities.

Thematic working

We work with IPC, the International Primary Curriculum. This way, we prepare our students for society and help them become eager, global citizens.

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