For the schoolyear 2023-2024, we have availability in grades 4, 5, 6, and 7.

The registration process for primary schools in Utrecht is centralized for children born after October 1, 2018. More information can be found at naardebasisschool.utrecht.nl. Almost all primary schools in Utrecht and the municipality of Utrecht have agreed upon this new registration method, and our school is also participating.

You digitally register your child in the quarter in which they turn three years old. If you are late and your child is not yet four years old, still register them digitally through the same website. The municipality will then try to find a place for them.

In principle, parents can choose any school in Utrecht for their child. Every child in Utrecht is given priority for the four closest schools (the priority schools). In an equal situation, all children have an equal chance of getting into the school of their choice. If there are more applications than available spots in a quarter, the municipality conducts a lottery. Our school has no influence or insight into this procedure. If you have any questions about it, you can contact the municipality.

Transfer from another (KSU-)school within the neighborhood

The KSU schools in Leidsche Rijn provide education to your child based on the Catholic identity and their specific educational profile (e.g., culture, science and technology, bilingualism). As a parent or guardian, you have made a deliberate choice for one of our schools. Sometimes, the situation arises where parents or guardians want to switch schools and enroll their child in another KSU school.

Our principle is that students should generally remain at the KSU school they have chosen. Therefore, we only accept transfers from other KSU schools if there is a significant reason. In such cases, the directors discuss the specific situation and come to a mutually agreeable solution for your child.

Students from other (KSU) schools can generally only transfer at the beginning of a school year. If you move to our neighborhood, a mid-year transfer is also possible.

Transfer procedure

If you are considering a transfer, please register for an information morning. After attending this morning, we will invite you to an exploratory conversation with the Quality and Development Specialist (SKO), and with your permission, we can gather information from the current school and invite your child to spend two days at our school. Subsequently, we will make a final decision regarding a potential transfer. We aim to complete this procedure within six weeks. This applies only if there is actually availability in the desired grade.

Starting eight weeks before the summer vacation, we no longer process new registrations for the following school year.

Extra support

If you believe your child requires special support, discuss this during the orientation conversation with one of our SKOs. If we are unable to provide this support and we are the first-choice school of enrollment, we will work with you to find another suitable school for your child. You can also seek assistance in finding appropriate education.

Orientation period

Most children celebrate their fourth birthday at daycare or at home. They start school the day after their birthday. From three years and ten months old, they can already attend four half-days to become familiar with the school. The teacher will discuss this with you in advance.

Children who turn four within four weeks before the summer vacation are welcome to start immediately after the vacation. This is because the early years groups are already at maximum capacity at the end of the school year, the composition of the groups changes after the summer vacation, and there are many additional activities planned during that busy period of the school year. Therefore, they do not have to attend four half-days beforehand. Children who turn four up to four weeks after the first day of school are also welcome starting from this first day after the summer vacation. All these children are welcome to meet their classmates during the transition morning held shortly before the summer vacation.

Questions and contact

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact the administration.

Contact (Tuesday and Friday)

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