Unfortunately, we have no more places available for the 2022-2023 school year for groups 1/2 and 3.

Children born after 1 october 2018 

The registration for a primary school in Utrecht is done centrally for children born after October 1, 2018. More information about this can be found on the website .

Children born up to and including September 30, 2018

If your child was born before October 1, 2018 and has not yet registered at a school, you can contact the student administration to see if we still have a place available. However, the chance of this is small.

Transfer from another (KSU) school

The KSU schools in Leidsche Rijn offer your child education based on the Catholic identity and based on their school-specific profile (such as cultural, scientific or bilingual education.) As a parent or guardian, you have made a well-considered choice for one of our schools. Sometimes the situation arises that parents or guardians want to change schools and register their child at another KSU school.

We prefer that pupils stay at a KSU school, once chosen. We only accept changing schools for good reason. In that case, the heads of school discuss the specific situation and come to a joint solution for your child.

Pupils from other schools in our area can only enrol at the beginning of a school year. If you live outside our area, a transfer is not possible unless you move to our area. If you are considering a switch, you can sign up for an information session. We will then invite you for an exploratory meeting with the internal supervisor and, with your permission, we can request information from your current school and invite your child to attend our school for two days. We can then make a final decision about a possible switch. We aim to complete this procedure within six weeks.

If we cannot place your child, your registration will expire. If you want to register your child again, you can fill out a new registration form after the summer holidays, after which we can start the procedure again.

Due to the high demand, we recommend that you register your child on time. From twelve weeks before the summer holidays, we will no longer process new applications for the following school year.


Our enrolment policy for children transferring form other schools is aimed at ensuring that children who live nearby can attend a nearby school and get priority. Enter your address on this card to determine whether our school is a priority school ("voorrangschool").
We cannot process applications from children older than 4 who live outside our area, unless it concerns a move.

Special needs

If your child needs special support, please discuss their needs with us. If we cannot offer this support, we will help you find a suitable school. You can also ask for help in finding special education.

Tryout days

Most children will celebrate their fourth birthday at the nursery or at home. They come to school the day after their birthday. From three years and ten months, they can come over for tryout days: four half-days to get used to the new school. The teacher will discuss this possibility with you in advance.

Because the lower groups have reached the maximum number of pupils at the end of the school year, the composition of the groups after the summer holidays is different and many extra activities are planned in that period, children who turn four less than four weeks before the summer holidays are welcome to start immediately after the summer holidays. Children who turn four up to four weeks after the first day of the school year are also welcome to start immediately after the summer holdiays.

Questions and contact

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact the administration.

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