For school year 2022-2023 we have a few places available in grade 3-6. In the other grades there is no availability. For school year 2023-2024 we have a few places available in grade 4-7. 

Registration for a primary school in Utrecht is done centrally through the Gemeente Utrecht when your child is younger than four years old. You can find more information about this on the website: | Naardebasisschool. Almost all primary schools in Utrecht and the municipality of Utrecht endorse to this new way of registering. Our school also participates in this.

You register your child digitally during the quarter in which he/she becomes three years of age. In case you register too late and your child is still under the age of four, please still register your child digitally via the same site. The municipality will then do their best to find a place for your son/daughter.

In principle, parents can choose any school in Utrecht for their child. But every child in Utrecht is given priority at the 4 nearest schools to your home address. All children, in an equal situation, have the same chance of getting a place at the school of their choice. In case there are more registrations than places during a quarter, a draw will be carried out by the municipality. Our school has no influence or insight into this procedure. You can approach the municipality should you have any questions about this procedure.

Switch from another (KSU-)school within the neighborhood

The KSU schools in Leidsche Rijn offer education to your child from the Catholic identity as well as from their school-specific profile (for example Culture, Science and Technology, bilingual). As a parent or caregiver you have made a well-considered choice for one of our schools. Sometimes a situation can arise where parents or caregivers want to change schools and register their child at another (KSU-)school.

Our starting point is that in principle students have to stay at a (KSU-)school once chosen. We therefore only accept transfers if there is a serious reason. In that case, the school leaders discuss the specific situation and will come to a joint preferable solution for your child.

Pupils from other (KSU-)schools can in principle only transfer at the start of a school year.

In the case of a move to our neighborhood, this switch is also possible at other dates.

Switch procedure

If you are considering a switch, we advise you to sign up for one of our information mornings. Following that we will invite you for an exploratory conversation with one of our specialists in quality and development. With your permission we request information from the current school and invite your child to join our school for two days. We can then take a final decision on a possible switch. We strive to complete this procedure within six weeks. All this of course on the condition that there is place available in the desired group.

From eight weeks before the summer holidays, we cannot process new registrations for the following school year.

Extra support

Do you think your child needs special support? Discuss this during the orientation interview with one of our specialists in quality and development. If we cannot offer this support and we are the first school of registration, we will look for another school for your child in consultation with you. You can also ask for help in finding appropriate education.


Most children celebrate their fourth birthday at the daycare center or at home. The day after their birthday they go to school. From three years and ten months your child can take part in a series of adaptation sessions. These take place over four days. The teacher will discuss and plan this with you in advance.

Children who turn four within a month or less before the summer holidays are very welcome immediately after these holidays on the first day of school. This is because at the end of the school year the groups 1/2 have reached the maximum number of students; the composition of the groups will be different after the summer holidays and many extra activities are planned during that period of the school year. So they will not be able to have four trial sessions. Children who turn four years of age in the month following the summer holidays are also welcome on the first day of school. All these children are very welcome to become acquainted with their classmates on the ‘transfer morning’ which takes place just before the summer holidays.

Questions and contact

If you have any questions as a result of the above, you can contact our student administration (

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