School timings and calendar

We work with a five-day schedule, where the school days are the same length.

In the Netherlands, many primary school pupils go home for lunch, returning to school in the afternoon. At KSU Onder De Bogen, our pupils can either choose to go home for lunch or they can spend the lunch break at our TSO: lunch break child care. Timings of the lunch break are spread over three. There are costs associated with TSO.

Pupils who start in group 1 between the Christmas and summer holidays have Wednesday and Friday afternoons off.

school timings Monday to Friday

group 1/28:30-11:1511:15-12:0012:00-14:30
group 3 & 48:30-11:4511:45-12:3012:30-14:30
group 58:30-12:0012:00-12:4512:45-14:30
group 6, 7 & 88:45-12:1012:10-12:5512:55-14:45