Leave and absence

We will not usually grant permission for extra leave. We count on parents to arrange their holidays within the established time periods. It is not possible to get extra leave for short breaks in between. The only exception is made for those parents who, due to the nature of their profession, cannot make use of the established holidays—for example, parents who work in catering and hospitality, or in agriculture. In those cases, the school management can grant a maximum of two weeks extra leave. However, pupils cannot be away for the first two weeks of a school year.

There are a number of exceptions that are recognized under the law for compulsory education [leerplicht]. Examples include weddings, anniversaries and funerals. To be eligible for this, you must complete the leave application form below.

We recommend that you apply for leave at least six weeks before the desired start date. We must report unauthorized absence to the compulsory education office [bureau Leerplicht] of the municipality of Utrecht. For more information about special leave, visit the website on the law for compulsory education Utrecht (information only available in Dutch).

Ten days or less

Requests for extra leave of ten school days or less can be requested via Social Schools. The management decides on the application.

More than ten days

If you want to request more than ten extra days of leave, you can fill out the digital form. After completing the form, the form will be sent to student affairs, at the municipality of Utrecht. The attendance officer informs the opinion of the head of school. The attendance officer then decides on the application.