Thematic work

Thematic work is boundless

We work thematically, using the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), allowing pupils to weave various branches of knowledge into a coherent whole. Through the teacher's instruction we set goals within a theme, which we tackle with targeted activities and effective learning strategies. That is how our pupils achieve their learning objectives, giving them the pleasure of success.

Ralph Borghart, head of Onder De Bogen: “Discovering new things and then seeing the connections between those things. That's thrilling, every time. For example, you can look at food in so many different ways. Food, restaurants, cooking, ingredients, culture, geography. If you see the connection, knowledge takes hold much better. It also encourages children to do their own research. Group 3 pupils throw themselves into calculating light or how the brain works. This way they come to understand that it makes sense they do not understand everything yet!”

Dive into Roman times

A project about the Romans is, of course, about geography and history. But also about a visit to the  Castellum, researching the clothing and eating habits of the Romans or performing a play from that era. This coherence makes the subject even more interesting.

Our pupils are young explorers, conducting research under the guidance of their teacher.