Building and facilities

Our school is easily recognized by its beautiful new building with light, fresh colours. We work with three buildings, so that children within the same age group can work together. The spaces, each with different functions, offer pupils places to work in groups or in silence. Next to the entrance is our lab that we always adapt to the project we are working on. In the auditorium, the children can debate and show off their talents during performances. There is plenty of space for sports, exercise and play in the playrooms, the school gym and the schoolyard.

Second location

Due to the growth of the school, we will open a permanent second location in the beginning of 2024 to accommodate more groups. This will be built on the other side of our schoolyard, within walking distance of our current building. This second location fits well with the main building and with the monumental farm next door. Above you see an impression.


We do not rent out spaces in the school. You can rent the school gym through the municipality of Utrecht.